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VOS Global Media Limited is a Nigerian Media company with various streams of media activities. The areas of operations include Business news, Finance news, Politics, Sports news, Entertainment, Video coverage & Production and General Lifestyle. The flagship channel, Vanco Online Space TV is a YouTube channel with several subscribers, with compelling videos that help you on Business and Finance Management, Personal Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales Strategies, Corporate Management, and a host of others.

Live Streaming of Events

We bring your events closer to anyone around the globe.


Your sure plug for memorable entertainment that give your events bundle of joy..

Event Coverage

Bring your event to life with our highly experienced cinematographer and videographer.


Give your business the growth it deserves to becoming a leading business globally.

To fulfill its mission statement, the Company intends to continue to build its capabilities as a TV platform, deliver great media experiences to audiences and ensure sustainability for the future.

VOS Global Media Limited shall be the Premier leading News and public information channel in the state and across the nation. We shall inform, inspire, and empower our people and nation through reliable and relevant content information, while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the people we serve. we will pursue Quality, Excellent and world class television programs.

VOS Global Media gives you unmatched agility without compromising on experience.

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    We have leading presenters

    VOS TV presenters are a group of professionals with like minds who inform, inspire, engages our online viewers both locally and internationally. Due to our tenacious abilities we are able to go extra miles in satisfying our audience's needs and gain tremendous results in order to bring clarity to the people's undying curiosity.
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    Take a step to upscale

    We are here for you, to sponsor your business and event to the height of gaining global awareness

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