We are VOS Global Media Limited, your unique brand promoter.

VOS Global Media Limited is a Nigerian media company with various streams of media activities. We help you on business and finance management, personal finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales strategies, corporate management, and a host of others.
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Studio Presentation

Space to make your greatest impact.

Join millions of people who are excelling in the online space, take your business, events and political campaign to the next level. With our expert team, leading in news presentation, cinematography, videography and sound engineering, we can add life to any of your social events and social life.
No matter the kind of presentation you want, we are fully there for you. Utilize the opportunity to promote what you do with maximum flexibility. 
We are VOS Global Media Limited

Trusted & comfortable Online space for creative people.

Benefits of using VOS Global Media.

Every of your events will have a feel of the dramatic world with everlasting memories. 

We have one of the best cinematographer and videographer, alongside with professional editors to make it happen timely with no delay. 

We fit into your budget and give you the quality you deserves. We have everything in place to gladden your heart with our in-studio/outdoor video production.

What we are offering to creative people.

Live Streaming of Events

We bring your events closer to anyone around the globe.

Event Coverage

Bring your event to life with our highly experienced cinematographer and videographer.


VOS Global Media is your sure plug for memorable entertainment that give your events bundle of joy.

Air your show / Program

Do you have a program or event? Let the world know about it.

Advert Placement

Every business is in dare need of growth. Don't do business in the dark, bring it to light and let the work know what you do.

Book a free day tour, schedule a meeting with us one-on-one.

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